7 Fancy French Foods You Should Try

A lady should be acquainted with fine cuisine and as the French are said to be the masters of fine food that seems an appropriate place to start. Here are 7 French dishes you may have heard of but not yet tried.

Give these a test to expand your palate. If some are too adventurous to try at least learn what they are so you’re in the know. Bon appetit!

  1. Escargot, (French for “snail”) is a cooked land snail.fancy french foods
  2. Foie gras (French for “fat liver”) is a luxury food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened.fancy french foods
  3. Steak tartare is a meat dish made from finely chopped or minced raw beef. It is often served with onions, capers and seasonings (the latter typically incorporating fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce), sometimes with a raw egg yolk, and often on rye bread. fancy french foods
  4. Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille. fancy french foods
  5. Boeuf Bourguignon is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, generally flavoured with garlic, onions and a bouquet garni, with pearl onions and mushrooms added towards the end of cooking.fancy french foods
  6. Coq au vin (French for “rooster/cock with wine”) is a French dish of chicken braised with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and optionally garlic. While the wine used is typically Burgundy, many regions of France have variants of coq au vin using the local wine, such as coq au vin jaune (Jura), coq au Riesling (Alsace), coq au pourpre or coq au violet (Beaujolais nouveau), coq au Champagne, etc.fancy french foods
  7. Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. Though referred to commonly as ratatouille niçoise, ratatouille is popular among the entire Mediterranean coast as an easy summer dish. fancy french foods


HOMEWORK: Which French dish is your favorite? Which would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below!



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