It’s time for the Lady to make her grand return.


What it’s about: Lady Beatrix teaches women how to become sophisticated modern ladies through monthly etiquette lessons.

How it will benefit you: By learning modern etiquette you will be able to confidently deal with everyday (and sometimes tricky) situations while presenting yourself as a polished, charming lady.

Your goal: To not be an idle sloth (tisk tisk) and thoroughly learn each lesson and incorporate it into your everyday life.

By committing to a monthly lesson you will gain a proper education in…lady beatrix

1. LOOKING LIKE A LADY look polished and put-together

2. LIVING LIKE A LADY live with sophistication and grace

3. ACTING LIKE A LADY  act well-mannered and polite

4. SOUNDING LIKE A LADY sound intelligent and informed


Each lesson is designed to educate in a simple and concise manner, easy enough to study at the salon.

If given the time and attention becoming a lady will result in a beautifully refined life, worthy of envy.


I look forward to seeing you in class.

Free & Easy Monthly Lessons
Become the proper sophisticate you've always desired to be...
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