Meet Beatrix

Your Guide to Becoming a Lady

Lady Beatrix Darling is an etiquette enthusiast and lover of all things ladylike. Her approach is to embrace traditional ideals while modifying and applying them to modern situations.

Beatrix’s love of manners landed her at the prestigious IVP Institut Villa Pierrefeu (named “Switzerland’s last original finishing school”) where she received her certificate in International Etiquette and Protocol. Her etiquette studies combined with her BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology (majoring in Fashion Design of course) allows for a well-rounded approach to instructing ladies on elegant behavior and cultivating a sophisticated image.


Core Beliefs

Attention to detail.
It may be deemed too traditional or passé but I have a deep appreciation for a life lived with refinement, culture and elegance. This takes effort and practice but I believe this attention to detail can make for a happier more fulfilling life.

“Lady” can have many meanings.
Although I emphasize and reference traditional ladylike qualities and interests (sophistication, lipstick, afternoon tea…) this does not mean this is the only definition of lady. A lady can have various interests, tastes and even personalities. I’m simply speaking to women whom may happen to share in these similar tastes. I believe a modern lady can embrace traditional feminine qualities while remaining strong, intelligent, and successful.

Don’t take it too seriously.
Above all a lady should have a sense of humor. Really darling, not to worry, this isn’t life or death. Athough it’s important to make a real effort, it’s ok not to follow every last bit of advise. (You should see me alone in my bedroom devouring a burrito while binge watching Ladies of London) We all have our “off” moments. I believe in using etiquette to better your life, not control it.

I warmly invite you to enroll in my class where I release a new lesson every month. You will slowly build up a wealth of knowledge and gain the confidence to live life like a lady.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

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