Southeast Asian Geography 101

It’s time for Southeast Asian geography! Luckily this is a shorter list than our previous geography lessons, so it should be pretty quick to learn.

They’re all fascinating and beautiful countries and hopefully studying where each one is will inspire you to learn more, and perhaps even plan a visit one day.

This area of the world is on my personal bucket list.

I urge you to thoroughly learn and memorize this information as it’s essential for a Lady to be aware of the world around her.

*Bonus: If you want to learn “quiz style” check out this helpful (and free) site that tests your geography knowledge. I found it to be an effective and fun way to to master my geography skills.

HOMEWORK: Which Southeast Asian country would you most like to visit and why? Tell us in the comments below.

Southeast Asia


Brunei/Bandar Seri Begawan

Cambodia/Phnom Penh



Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur







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