Essential Opera in Under 10 Minutes

A Lady will inevitably at some point in her life attend or receive an invitation to an opera. Although you needn’t be an expert having a general knowledge of opera would prove most helpful. To be quite honest I’m not an expert when it comes to opera (I prefer the ballet), which is why I’m grateful for this short video on essential opera by Kim Thompson. In less than 10 minutes she succinctly and amusingly reviews these 8 famous operas.

1. La Traviata
2. Carmen
3. Don Giovanni
4. Aida
5. Tosca
6. Tristan & Isolde
7. Madame Butterfly
8. Ring of the Nibelung


Perhaps after hearing a bit about each piece you may be inspired to read up or even attend a show in person. At the very least when it comes time to discuss or attend a show you will know what to expect. It’s one of the most beautiful artforms available and one that if you take the time to witness will likely lead to a great appreciation.

HOMEWORK: Which opera do you most wish to see? Tell me in the comments below.



 Video Courtesy: Kim Thompson, uploaded by Alex Macias
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