5 Wardrobe Items So NOT Worth Investing In

I’m a big believer in quality over quantity and investing in top notch pieces for your wardrobe. It not only will give you a more sophisticated look, but can even be more economical in the long run.

That being said, some items are so not worth splurging on. It’s not that it’s necessarily wrong to do so, if you can afford it then by all means, but even if you can afford it may not be worth it.

Although I will rarely suggest going cheap, here are 5 items that I recommend pulling out of the bargain bin.

1. Tights and Stockings.

Oh tights, trust me I’ve gotten sucked into the lure of Wolford tights more times then I care to admit. Each time I slip them on I feel expensive and glamorous and each time they rip after one wear I feel foolish. Why do I keep throwing money down the drain? I understand investing in shape-ware and bras. But tights are so fitted they will mold to your body no matter what price you pay. If you are going to invest in an expensive pair then I suggest choosing ones that are on the thicker side so at least they will last slightly longer.

2. Overly Trendy Pieces

Trends are trends for a reason and that means they never last. You may be tempted to go all out on the seasons latest fringe trend, but please don’t spend a fortune on something that you can only use for one season, two at tops. It’s not worth it and there are other options if you want to play with trends. Hit Zara or H&M, mix a trendy piece with your higher end classic pieces, but don’t waste your money on items you may love today and then think “what on earth was I thinking,” tomorrow.

The one exception is if you simply fall in love with a piece, it’s totally your style and expresses exactly who you are. If that’s the case then go ahead, buy the trendy yet oh so gorgeous item and don’t feel ashamed to savor it long after the trend has died out.

3. Dramatic Evening Gowns

I get it, you’re going to a fancy event and you want to look your best. It’s understandable that you think splurging on a dramatic evening gown is acceptable, but is it really an investment? A good investment depends on the number of times you’ll use something vs the cost you paid for it. If you spend one thousand dollars on an evening gown that you’ll only wear once then it’s not such an investment. And in this social media society how many of us really want to be seen wearing the same in-your-face gown more than once. Now I’m not for this mentality, I’m totally with Kate and her recycling wardrobe tendencies, but if we’re being honest few of us enjoy wearing such a piece more than a couple times, and some of us don’t even have many occasions to wear such a piece at all.

Instead I suggest investing in a high quality little black dress, or even a full length gown, the if being if it’s timeless and somewhat neutral so as not to be easily recognized.

4. Party Clothes

Along the same lines as evening gown, party clothes are also a category you’ll want to save your money on. This is a hard one because women love to dress up. That’s probably half the reason we go out in the first place. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a night out, but when it comes to party clothes it’s often wiser to stick to the less expensive items. There are multiple reason for this. One, just as with the evening gown you’ll be less likely to wear a sequin party dress again when it’s already been instagrammed to death. Two, it will probably be dark and no one will be able to decipher the details and quality of the piece. Three, in a crowded scene like a club or  bar there’s a huge chance of it becoming dirty,  i.e. spilled drinks, sweaty people bumping into you, intoxicated mishaps such as falling down a flight of stairs. So definitely feel free to look cute, but do so on a budget.

5. Shoes You Can’t Walk In

They may look too beautiful to pass on, but trust me you will certainly regret spending too much on this, because 9 times out of 10 you won’t wear them more than once. Alas I’m stuck with my 6 inch Prada stilettos that haven’t seen the light of day in 8 years. Instead invest in stylish yet comfortable walking flats, yes flats can be stylish too. Or if you’re looking for heals go for something you will genuinely wear time and again. One questions you can ask yourself is, “Would I be willing to wear it right now if I had somewhere to go?” If the answer is no, you’ll probably not feel comfortable wearing them at any point.


HOMEWORK: Can you think of any other items not worth splurging on? If so please share in the comments!

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