Ballroom Dancing Basics

Now-a-days when people go dancing it’s rarely the elegant ballroom dancing we see in old films. It’s more along the lines of the twerking, sporadic waving hand over the head sort. Although this may be the movements of our time it’s still quite practical to know the basics of more formal dance moves. In fact, it’s even becoming quite fashionable again with shows like Dancing with the Stars attracting such a draw. There’s something undeniably beautiful about the graceful moves of an in-step two person dance.

Even if this style of dance, or dancing in general, is not your particular cup of tea it’s a helpful skill to have under your belt. Whether it’s your own wedding or a formal occasion where someone asks you to dance you’ll want to be prepared to accept if the occasion requires.

Luckily as a lady the man is in the position to lead, so by simply knowing a few basic steps you will be able to gracefully get through most dances, including the waltz, cha-cha and swing.

This wonderfully easy to follow video by Anderson Moore Dance will instruct you on the three most basic dance steps that will help form a solid foundation for your dancing career. It will take you through the Box Step, the Triple Step and the Rock Step.

Once you’ve gotten these steps down and feel comfortable with them you can loosen up and add your own style.


Next time we’ll work on spins!


HOMEWORK: Watch this video and let it guide you through these 3 basic steps that will help you master, ok.. initiate your entrance into ballroom dancing. Remember don’t just watch, get up and practice these steps until you feel like they’re second nature.

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Video Courtesy: Anderson Moore Dance via youtube
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