How to Create a Professional Looking Flower Arrangement

Flowers always lend a more stylish and inviting look to your home. I like to display a nice bouquet in my entryway, on my dining table and sometimes in my living room. If you’re going to go through the process and expense of decorating with flowers you might as well learn how to arrange them so they look their best. By learning a few tips you will know how to create a professional looking flower arrangement that’s sure to impress.

1. Find an attractive clean vase and fill it with clean, cool water.

You can get creative with this. Teapots, mason jars, perfume bottles, vintage watering cans, a monochromatic porcelain theme. It doesn’t always have to be your classic crystal vase although that is my go to. Take into consideration the room decor, the size of the space you have to fill and the amount of flowers you have to work with.

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2. Now this step is what separates the amateurs from the pros.

Instead of simply placing the flowers directly into the vase you have the option of setting a framework to help each stem adhere to the proper position. There are a few ways of doing this. You can use floral tape which typically comes in clear, green or white. I’ve even been known to use scotch tape on occasion. Using the tape you can create a grid across the top of your vase. If your vase is opaque you can also use a floral foam, just remember to soak it in water before using.

flower arrangement

3. Clip the bottoms of the stems at a diagonal angle.

By all means use a pair of kitchen sizzors but if you want to go pro pick up a pair of floral shears or clippers to avoid crushing the stems as you cut. Keep in mind how tall you want your flowers to be, you want a proportioned look. Unless using a wider or irregular vase you can typically try for 1.5 x the height of your vase.

4. Strategically place the flowers in the vase.

Rotate the vase as you add branches and flowers to create a symmetrical look from all angles. Begin with greenery on the outer edges and add your largest flowers towards the center. Lastly fill in smaller flowers giving a full round look. Make sure to remove any leaves that may fall below the water line.

5. Preserve your arrangement 

To keep your arrangement fresh change the water every 2 days. If using foam resoak that as well. You may also recut the stems and as time goes on remove any wilting flowers. Feel free to create a new bouquet from the leftover flowers. I so dislike throwing away flowers that still have beauty left.

flower arrangement

*Pro Tip

For an ultra pro look take some large leaves (ti leaves) and use them to line a circular vase or wrap them around the bases of a bouquet.

HOMEWORK: Pick up some flowers from the market or local florist shop and attempt your own professional arrangement. Get creative! Have fun! Try to make it look worthy of an Elle Decor shoot.



Photo Courtesy: George Leslie Hunter painting,,