Send an Appropriate Holiday Card

I know it’s early but you simply must plan these things. Christmas or holiday cards are a lovely way of spreading seasonal joy. It also makes you look like a put together, polished woman. Not to mention it’s a prime opportunity to brag.

It’s appropriate to send a card to all family members and friends whom you hold dear.

This isn’t a time to be stingy. If you have affection for anyone feel free to include them in your mailing list. A holiday wish never goes unappreciated. If brother, sister or cousin has married or formed a family send them their own individual card. By acknowledging new boundaries you’re showing respect. If mailing a card to a coworker address it to their home but if mailing to a business associate address it to their office and keep it more formal without the addition of any personal photos.

The trick about holiday cards is being sensitive about beliefs.

After all the winter holidays are typically associated with religious briefs and we all know religion can be a touchy subject. Depending on where you live and the group of people you’re closest with you should divide your mailing list into two or three groups. The first one or two groups should revolve around the religions most prevalent in your social group. Are most people Christian, Jewish, other? First determine that. If you’re not sure what group someone falls into or they’re not particularly religious put them in the third group, the generic holiday greeting. This is where your “Seasonal Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” phrases come out to play. If you’re second guessing whether someone wants a “Jesus loves you” card definitely put them in the third group. If you’re feeling lazy just put everyone in the third group. You can’t go wrong sending a general good wishes message.

It’s nice to make it personal but avoid an autobiography.

Yes your loved ones want to hear how you’re doing but they don’t need to know that Billy had an infection after his circumcision or that Alice was elected class president. Call me when she’s an actual President. Nobody cares what fabulous things you’re doing. If they wanted to know they would stalk you on Facebook. The trick about bragging through a Christmas card is including one gorgeous photo. What do they say, a picture is worth a thousand words? A lady is always subtle and nothing is more subtle that a drop dead gorgeous photo and a nonchalant inscription. “Warmest greetings and best wishes for the New Year” (yes I look like a young Heidi Klum and my children crawled out of a Pottery Barn catalog) One good photo is all you need. That being said feel free to add a personal yet simple handwritten note. “The family is well and the children send their kisses.” or “I miss our bloody mary tuesdays, we must reinstate that again soon.”

If you receive a card from someone not on your list don’t panic.

Send them a New Year’s card. It’s just as good as a Christmas card and you can post it until the end of January. Later than that? Sorry… just be extra nice the next time you see them. Typically you want your holiday cards to arrive around the second week of December so have them ready to ship shortly after Thanksgiving. A good tip that could save you a lot of headache the following year is to keep a note of everyone who sent you a card so you know whom not to forget next time.

Remember, it’s not required to send a holiday card but it will definitely make you appear more adult and accomplished. Oh, and thoughtful.

HOMEWORK: Go out and look for the perfect holiday card. Something chic, festive and representative of your personality.


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