Vocal Warm Up for Crisp Clear Speech

It’s an easy thing to overlook but your voice plays quite a role in how you’re perceived. Communication is not just about the words you use but the way you sound.

Just as one would warm up their body before exercise one should warm up their vocal chords before speech.

We may not all be Pavarottis but we do use our voices everyday, unfortunatley some more than others. Whether you’re giving a presentation or hosting a social event it goes along way to have your voice finely tuned allowing for clear pronunciation and prolonged speech.

To begin… let’s start our vocal warm up with some breathing exercises as this will reduce the tension in the voice box muscles.

Simply take a few deep breaths by completely filling your abdomen as you breath in and completely exhaling while holding an “s” sound as you exhale.

Next gently massage your face with the heels of your hands. Focus on the area between the cheekbones and jaw. Try to keep your jaw relaxed while rubbing.

Now the warm up video below will take you through humming, lip rolls, and scales.

Who know perhaps you’ll even be inspired to take up singing after warming up the vocals. What a pity for me that’s not an option as my singing voice sounds like a caged donkey ready for slaughter.

HOMEWORK: Try this warm up exercise every day for 1 week and let us know in the comments below if you feel a difference.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.32.13 PM



Video Courtesy: Jacob O. Nygaard Music
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