30 Little Manners that Make a Big Difference

Sometimes all it takes is a few small details that add up to make a well mannered person. By paying attention to little things people will instantly like you more, thinking you’re a sophisticated and thoughtful person. Here are 30 little manners that will make a world of difference.

  1. When waiting for an elevator stand to the side of the doors so as not to block the way for people who may be getting off.
  2. When ordering from a waiter or bar tender look them in the eye to acknowledge that they are real people and not merely servants.
  3. Wait for everyone at the table to be served before you begin eating or drinking.
  4. When eating with others pace yourself so you don’t finish long before they do and look like a piglet.
  5. If someone in the market checkout line has 3 items or less when you have many invite them go before you.
  6. After trying on clothing in a store hang or fold them back up as neatly as possible.
  7. Offer your seat to any person much older than you, handicapped, pregnant, or if a man to a woman.
  8. Always use your blinker when driving.
  9. Always say please and thank you.
  10. Don’t interrupt someone while they’re speaking. If it’s urgent say “excuse me…” before jumping into the conversation.
  11. Never show up to a party empty handed. (flowers, chocolates, bottle of wine, luxury hand soaps…)
  12. Never swear or use vulgar words around people you don’t know well, or better yet not at all.
  13. Chew with your mouth closed.
  14. Hold the door open for those behind you. If it’s someone elderly, handicapped or someone with their hands full hold it open for the them to walk through.
  15. If something or someone is boring you try your best to look interested and content.
  16. When meeting someone give a firm handshake, eye contact and a smile.
  17. Knock before entering a closed door.
  18. Send a handwritten thank you note for any gifts or services received. Master that here.
  19. Never yell. Unless being attacked or kidnapped for ransom.
  20. Always except a gift graciously with a sweet thank you.
  21. Cover your mouth when yawning.
  22. Try your best to always be on time.
  23. Don’t discuss or post very personal or sensitive information on social media. Nobody wants to know about your skin rash.
  24. Don’t text or go on your phone during a meal. In fact, keep your phone off the table all together.
  25. Don’t talk on your cell phone in a public or social place unless 3 or more people are already doing so.
  26. Limit your use of photo/video taking when in public or social situations. You don’t want to be the egomaniac taking 100 selfies at the opera. More phone etiquette here!
  27. Use proper grammar and spelling when emailing and texting.
  28. Respond to a text, email or phone call within 24 hours. Unless you’re off on some fabulous private island.
  29. Make sure your clothing is properly pressed and tailored. As Tom Ford says “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”
  30. Don’t gossip, but if you simply must follow these guidelines! How to handle gossip like a lady.

HOMEWORK: Did I forget anything important? What’s one more little manner that makes a world of difference? Share in the comments below!




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  • slythwolf says:

    As a retail employee, I would actually recommend not trying to refold tried-on clothing unless you can do it correctly. It’s easier for me to notice it needs to be refolded if it’s just lying there than if it looks *almost* right, saving me time and helping me keep the department neater. Also please don’t try to put the item back unless you’re sure you remember where it actually belongs. That’s why fitting rooms have go-back racks. It’s like reshelving books in the library: let the employees do it, we’re the ones who know the system.

    Definitely do hang things back up, but please make sure you’re not hanging them inside-out. Happens more often than you could possibly imagine.

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