7 Unladylike Words to Cut From Your Vocabulary

Language can be a deeply personal thing. The words we use to express ourselves help convey the emotions and ideas we wish to share with the world, let alone the image we want to portray.

It’s important to use words that reflect your personality. However, if you wish to present yourself as a well-mannered and respectful lady there are a few choice words better cut from your vocabulary.

It’s not that all of these words are necessarily bad. I mean some are, some I would suggest never using. But some are simply “ugly” or “crude” sounding and in most cases there are more elegant options at hand.

Here are 7 words that can cause you to sound less than ladylike and some alternative suggestions for a more sophisticated sound.

Please note I haven’t selected any serious swear words as that’s a-whole-nother category.


  1. Stinks

Whether used to mean stinks as in “That cabbage stinks” OR “That stinks you weren’t crowned prom queen”, there’s always a chicer alternative.

For example:

“That cabbage has quite the odor.”

“What a pity you weren’t crowned prom queen.”


  1. Tramp/Sl*t/Wh*re

First off, I believe no woman should be calling another woman such names. If you must use a word to describe this characteristic there are much kinder ways.

For example:

“Well I can’t help it if she happens to be a lady of the evening.”

“Ever since the break up I’ve heard Louise has become quite the fallen woman.”

“Sarah is so loose. It’s exhausting keeping up with her escapades.”


  1. Fat

“Fat” tends to carry such negative connotations and can be insulting to both others as well as yourself. It conveys that you’re not comfortable with fat and conjures up images of wobbly lard. Except when referring to a fatty meat there are other option to make use of.

For Example:

“I agree Helga is on the more curvy side.”

“Ugh, I’m feeling a bit plump today.”

“Do you think I have a sizable bum?”


  1. B*tch

There are plenty of cases where this word may be appropriately applied but it still doesn’t make it sound any less unladylike and again, it’s one of those words I think we all wish women would stop calling one another. (Men obviously should always refrain)Instead opt for a more obscure phrase.

For Example:

“Somebody better shut that shrew up or I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“She is such a malicious vermin, I can’t believe she bought the same Gucci handbag.”


  1. Fart

Ok this word just makes you sound like a 5 year old whose going to giggle for 10 straight minutes after saying it. There are a couple alternatives for referring to this less than ladylike matter.

For Example:

“I’m terribly sorry, Rex keeps passing terrible wind ever since we’ve switched his kibble.”

“Excuse me, I seem to have some indigestion.”


  1. Gross

This isn’t a bad word per se but try these sophisticated upgrades for a more elegant sound.

For Example:

“I don’t know about you but I think kale is vile. It tastes like I’m eating grass.”

“I’ve never smelled such a repulsive perfume. It smells like rotten egg.”


  1. Stupid

Often times saying “stupid” makes you sound stupid. It’s just not a kind or pleasant sounding word. You can still get your point across by using one of these softer alternatives.

For Example:

“I’m so foolish. I can’t believe I spilled red nail polish all over the carpet, again.”

“Don’t worry yourself with such trivial details. In the end it won’t matter who sits next to whom at the wedding.”

“Mary is so naïve. She believes Tom every time he says his “business dinners” go until 2 in the morning.”


HOMEWORK: Which words do you find most unladylike and do you have any alternative recommendations? Please share in the comments below!


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