Accessories You Must Invest In


A Lady should always give careful consideration to her accessories. They can literally transform your look and take you from blah to incredibly put together and chic. Although you are certainly free to have fun with your accessories it’s vital to invest in a few key pieces.

They can be pricey but these pieces should be high quality, that’s why they’re called an investment. You will look expensive and they will last you for many years. Every accessory on this list is one that can be used daily and dressed up or down.

When selecting styles run it through the 10 year test. Ask yourself “Could I wear this in 10 years and still look stylish?” Usually the styles that stand the test of time have clean lines, neutral colors and fine material. If you combine quality with versatility you will always be ready to look your best.

Cocktail Ring

This is one of my personal favorite accessories. It just makes me feel glamorous. For moi the bigger the better but it’s all about choosing the right style for you. It doesn’t have to have glimmer glamour; in fact it should err on the more subtle side. Remember quality over quantity. It’s better to have one beautiful cocktail ring you can mix and match than a jewelry box full of trendy baubles. The perfect cocktail ring will compliment both a cocktail dress and a more casual but still elegant ensemble, so choose one that’s not too ostentatious yet still adds an element of style.


When it comes to jewelry you can never go wrong with pearls. A pair of pearl earrings and a matching necklace will last you a lifetime and never go out of style. They can be dressed up or down and always give a polished look. When choosing a set of earrings I recommend simple pearl studs. For a necklace I suggest you start with either a pearl choker (14 to 16 inches long) or a princess necklace (17 to 19 inches long). Both of these versatile lengths can be worn with everything from casual to formal attire. When selecting color go for a white or off-white and be sure to evaluate the luster, which is the intensity of the pearl’s reflection. I’m never without my pearls.

Leather Bag

I don’t know a single woman who can live without her handbag. It carries our life essentials after all. I mean seriously, what would I do without my six half used lipsticks I’ve been carting around for the past 6 months. We all know you can never have too many handbags but it’s essential to own at least one great leather bag. Leather holds up the best and always looks high-end and sophisticated. You want one that’s quality leather, neutral and can be used day after day while complimenting different outfits.


A scarf is an often overlooked accessory but one that can make a world of difference. It can instantly transform your look by adding a pop of color or just a sheen of silk making you look more elegant and put together. With endless ways you can tie and style it it’s one of my must haves and worth the investment. Although there are many options available you can never go wrong with Hermes.

Hermes grace


This may be the most essential if for the lone fact that they protect you from aging. It is not the actual rays on your face that are causing those crows feet but more damage is caused from squinting. So by wearing sunglasses you’re not only shielding the light but preventing the deadly habit of squinting.  Another dead giveaway of age is your actual eyeballs. There’s no procedure for younger looking eyeballs so the more you protect them the more youthful and brighter they’ll look. Besides that critical point, glasses are just classically chic. You’ll always look glamorous and mysterious with a pair of shades. Don’t go trendy and find a pair that are either black or tortoise. You must try on and assess the shape that is most flattering to your face. I love the oversized Jackie O look.



A watch is a timeless accessory. Yes this will likely be one of the more costly investments but will last you a lifetime. Do I wear my watch to actually tell time? No that’s what an iPhone is for, but a watch always looks chic and it adds substance to your wardrobe. Wearing a watch makes you look more intelligent and trustworthy. Stick to traditional materials, either a nice neutral leather strap or gold or stainless steal. All are perfect choices just don’t go for oversized or bold colors, they look too trendy.

Black Pumps

A Lady should have a pair of classic black pumps forever at her disposal. Heel height can vary depending on your age, style, and comfort level but they should be of high quality leather, whether matte or patent. Although you can choose your preferred height try to avoid exaggerated platforms or immense height. You want to look fashionable yet classic.


Classic Flats

Sometimes a Lady just can’t make do with heels. The alternative to heels are flats not sneakers, not flip-flops, proper flats. You can choose a lovely ballet flat, Chanel. You can go for a leather loafer, Tods. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which designer or brand you choose just assure that it’s high quality, comfortable and choose a neutral, black, tan, navy, as it will go with everything.


Now remember these are investment accessories so although I suggest certain colors or styles it doesn’t mean more “fashion” pieces are out of the question. It simply means that there are certain qualities to be aware of when investing in high-end pieces. What makes them an investment is the fact that although upfront they may cost you your soul you will wear them often and for years to come vs a less expensive trendier item that you may wear twice.

HOMEWORK: What accessory do you consider the best investment? Let me know in the comments below!


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