5 Tips For Princess Perfect Posture

A Lady should always carry herself with perfect posture. It creates a confident, clean look. It also make you appear pounds thinner! Bad posture can make you look:

  • Insecureperfect posture
  • Weak
  • Bored
  • Tired
  • Sad

Nobody wants to exude these traits and as most of us haven’t had the luxury of a proper finishing school, posture can be something that one needs to make a consious effort to work on. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve princess perfect posture.

1. Keep Your Core Strong

By exercising and keeping your core strong you lay a foundation for easy posture. After all posture is about keeping a straight back and pulling everything up so by having a strong spine, abs, and back you have the physical strength to help you maintain an erect posture.

2. Visualize the String

Visualize that there’s a string extending from the top of your head pulling you up towards the ceiling. This immediately makes you sit or stand straighter and taller.

3. Walk like a Model

You never see a model slouching down the runway. Keep your shoulders back, chest out and head up. Let your arms fall gently to your side. When you walk pretend you’re strutting down a runway, confident, elegant, ready to be photographed at a moments notice. You’ll find that if you keep this thought in the back of your mind you’ll naturally walk with more confidence and grace.

4. The Classic Book on the Head

We’ve all seen young ladies with books on their heads training for a better posture. It’s become a bit of a joke but it’s actually quite an effective way to improve your posture. It forces you to keep your head straight which is wonderful as many make the mistake of lifting their chin too high.

5. Stay Flexible

By stretching and staying flexible you’re relieving your muscles from any undue stress and strain. By having loose and free muscles your body naturally flows better. Particularly your neck and shoulders make a difference as being tense in these areas can cause you to hunch and slouch.

HOMEWORK: Do you have an excellent tip for good posture? Share in the comments below!


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