Enough French to Sound Chic – In Less Than a Week

I think most of us can agree French is one of the chicest sounding languages. Perhaps it’s its association with fashion, elegant architecture or simply the sound of the words. Either way by knowing a basic smattering you’re bound to sound sophisticated.

Follow the lovely chart provided below to master some must know words and phrases. By the end of the week you should know just enough French to sound chic!

Tip* Word of advise. Refrain from sprinkling too much French into your everyday conversation. It’s handy when exploring France, translating to impress or expressing yourself occasionally but by over doing it you risk sounding pretentious.

French Cheat Sheet


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HOMEWORK: You guessed it! Memorize this chart over the course of the week or I’ll hit you over the head with a baguette.




Photo Courtesy: Mona Edwards


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